Difference Between Multi-Line Slots and One-Way Slots

If you’re new to playing slot machines, you might be wondering what is the difference between multi-line slots and one-line slots. In reality, there isn’t much of a difference. Slots are the same, just presented differently. In essence, all machines are the same when it comes down to mechanics.¬†The difference usually comes down to payout rates and payouts.


What are some of the differences between multi-line slots and one-line slots?


One big difference that a lot of slot players don’t recognize is that multi-line machines often pay out significantly less than their single-line counterparts. In many cases, multi-line slots can pay out as little as fifty cents per line. That’s not much for a slot player who is looking for winning combinations every time they spin the reels. That’s also not much money in real-world casino money – especially when you consider that slot winnings can amount to thousands of dollars over an hour of play.

Multiplication is what makes the difference between slots – plain and simple. In essence, a casino can divide a playing space up into much smaller paying slots by using a “multiplier” device. In most cases, a multiplier is used to increase the odds that an individual machine will pay out something – like a jackpot. Some of these devices also have “active pay lines,” which offers double the fun as regular pay lines do, but with twice the possibility of hitting a winning combination. For many players, these extra multipliers make playing slots worth more than they would cost in winnings alone.

Of course, the best part about multi-line combos is that they are inherently easier to beat than regular single-line or one-line machines. After all, why go through the trouble of actually getting two or more coins out of each line? Why not just wait for the lucky paying machine to come up on its own? Well, the answer is that if the machine you chose does have a pay line, your odds of winning will be even slimmer. The same goes for multi-line machines; a single line machine is already well padded with paying coins – why spend the time and effort to try and beat it?

Fortunately, there are several software packages available that give you a good idea of what symbols to look for when choosing your payout symbols. You can find lists of multipliers and their statistics for many different types of slots games, including video slot machines. The multi-line software also allows you to compare the percentages of winning combinations by different machines. It is important to note, however, that the highest percentages often come from multi-line machines where the graphics and symbols are located near one another.


The more symbols that are available per line, the better

Its because more can entice more paying customers to play. If the payline features many symbols, then the chances of hitting more payouts increase. That is good news for slot owners who want the most money from their machines. On the other hand, a payline with few symbols can make a machine seem too challenging to play, and customers will often leave the casino before spending their money.

In addition to the graphical symbols used to designate paylines, there are also number combinations that correspond to actual reel and jackpot icons. The icons are used on reels to indicate which icons will take what amount of coins off the reels before the next jackpot icon is triggered. The combinations for the icons on reels are two one’s, three one’s, four two’s, five one’s, six two’s, seven two’s, eight one’s, nine two’s, ten one’s, or twelve ones. When the icons for a payline change, then the odds of getting a winning combination change as well. This makes it a great way for slot players to increase their chances of hitting the jackpot.

Multi-line machines often have a difference in the way paylines are counted. Some multi-line’s machines use a fractional pay system where one line will start with one symbol, and the bottom line will be followed by symbols representing the subsequent symbols in the sequence – up to a maximum of thirteen. Other multi-line machines count each symbol separately. When these types of multi-lines are used, the paylines do not have to be the same for all paying customers. Multiplication of symbols on a payline does not necessarily increase the payout – but there are different payout probabilities for each type of machine.

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